Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are the Champions

So it was monday night and i couldnt sleep ... the usual me. So I switched on the TV hoping for some good viewing.

The final round of US open golf was on and I was seeing Tiger woods 1 shot back with 2 holes to go in the 18 hole playoff. He managed to get into the playoff by birdieing the 18th on the last hole in regulation.
so what does he do ... Birdie's 17th and ties with Rocco. Both par 18th so we go into sudden death playoff and he birdie's in sudden death & Rocco pars. And he wins his 14th major.

This was probably his toughest major. in the past he has blown off his competitors on the final day but this was a real test because he was injured and he came back from one down to win. I'm amazed at the levels people like him , Federer, Schumacher n others over the years in their sport excel and manage to raise their game when it really counts. What separates them from the rest is the mental toughness in the battle. Truly inspirational...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Euro Cup Footy is back

End of EPL and all other seasons in Europe meant no football but not for long. Euro cup is back. cant wait for the big guns slug it out in the later half of the tournament.
Yesterday's matches were all cagey affairs and hardly any entertaining football which is expected nowadays. Gone are the days of world dominance and superiority by the big names.

Radiohead gave us a new song , Super Collider in one of their live shows last week. check it out here


I'm rocking out ... Laters.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Turn Off the Radio ... Turn off the Radio

I love listening to 107.1 FM rainbow in the mornings going to work because the music is usually very good. So just like every weekday traveling to work , 8.30 am to 9.30 am is usually 107.1 & me rocking along the journey.

So these 3 songs come up in the span of 2 days and today when I was thinking about them ...

first one is i have heard this before but I haven't heard it in a really long time and I'm going all weak inside and confused ... What song is this , why cant i recollect this one, I've heard a woman sing this one, not a band etc etc...

The second one i guessed the band and i have this song so i think know this one...

the third one i got the artist from the RJ but not heard any of his solo work , i couldnt believe i have missed such a good song

So in office , i start googleing the lyrics and i find out...

1. UB40 'Dont break my heart'

2. Maroon 5 'Nothing lasts forever'

3. Mark Knopfler ' True Love will never fade'

this is really scary , what do i read from this now :confused:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

You know you're getting there

when you go on a meet of 70+ people from an online group and you are the oldest member ( joining date of the online group)

when the 'M' word sneaks in conversations with just about everyone known & "dont care about you known" to you

when you realize that extreme forms of music is not much existing on the play list anymore

when the chemist shop guy no longer smiles/smirks while handing over you a pack.

when women take a sneak peak downstairs ( ring finger you filthy little creatures :P ) to find any visual evidence or lack of it to carry the conversation in the appropriate direction.

when people you know start helping you involuntarily

when you start turning to songs rather than friends to spend free time

when the world seems smaller than it is

when you see the current generation and wonder how can they be wilder & stupider than you were then

when the number of people you knew grow distant exceeds the number of people you dont know come in to your life

and finally,

You know you're getting there...

when you start thinking things like these and penn them down in your blog thinking it actually make sense.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Many, over the period of last couple of months have asked me why have i stopped blogging. There are a lot of reasons to that more so because I have a separate blog for a long time now whose password i give to random people who visit that blog because i give a lot of lectures & knowledge sessions on things where people need help & support, so a lot of things go in there which cannot be put in here. So the answer is NO, if you know me you are not getting the password or if you pretend to be an unknown entity ;)

So,back after a long hiatus here where so much has happened, i kind of have less clue what happened or is going to happen in the future.

9 to 9's everyday , intense partying on weekends, out of town visits , volunteering work , family , friends , discovering new music has meant I've hardly had time for myself. Ive always been the kind being the only child that having too much alone time and then overworking my brain cells just about anything & everything which has worked to my advantage and disadvantage in many situations.

So finally I've decided to just let go and let things happen. I no longer analyze things to death, contemplate & procrastinate on whats going on to happen, just letting my surroundings take control of the situation and being carried lazily around by external forces.

That has brought a change in me which has been evident in people around me who say that you finally look happy and not looking like you are thinking something all the time.
There have been times in the past when I would just stare into other people's eyes making them uncomfortable to the point of they making it evident to me of this behavior. I am to be blamed partially because it would so happen then i would be thinking 10 other things while talking to the person and go into a zone of unknown depths and basically forget to blink lol and have no clue where the conversation is in the present or the person is waiting for me to reply or continue the talk :)

Now i just care a damn about the present & future. Am i happy? Well even i dont know this one properly but I'm getting there one difficult day after another.

So, things i could possibly end up doing now or in the near future :

Walk away from everything and join the UN mission in Darfur
Go for a PhD abroad
Get married and finally settle down to the relief of everyone around
Learn a Music course somewhere in the world and try to become a professional musician, something i always wanted to do but was not bold or crazy enough.
Take my backpack and go around India to places that i have always wanted to see
Continue living the present life and letting things happen

My guess is the last one but I dont know , i have finally let others & situations decide my future so i could be doing any of the other things. I will obviously put it here before doing that to let you all know what I am going to do next, or maybe I won't this time haha :)